Totton College

Totton College screenshot


Totton College needed to redevelop their old site to make it easier to use (managing content, updating news, upcoming events etc). They also had a new design that needed to be translated to a HTML and CSS layout and needed to be implemented. The new site would also have to integrate with their online enrolment system.

I set up a content management system for them, and modified it extensively to tailor it to their needs. They can now create and manage pages easily, and drag-and-drop site sections to where they're needed, even using a Microsoft Word-style interface to input the content, so non-technical staff can manage parts of the site.

The new site integrates with their online enrolment system, so the website can get data about courses from their internal database, show them on the public site, users can select which courses they want to apply for, then go off to their enrolment system.

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