Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

There's the initial cost of designing and creating the site- this varies depending on the complexity of the site you require. For example I generally charge £350 for a designing and setting up a static, "business card" site. If you require a shopping cart or lots of features, this pushes the price up (an online shop starts from about £800). I can't advertise exact prices as it really depends on each individual case- use the contact page to detail what exactly it is you want and I can send you a quote.

Then there is also an annual charge to maintain the site. Ongoing costs include hosting (the fee you pay to the people who own and maintain the computer the site is actually stored on) and domain names (the fee for registering your website name, e.g. In the complete package I handle all this for you and invoice you annually. This is usually around £60/year, depending on your requirements. On the other hand if you wiould prefer you can arrange your own domain and hosting.

Alternatively you can hire me by the hour, please contact me for rates.

What would I need to do?

You would need to provide me with the text you want to display on your website, after all, you know more about your business than I do! Think about who your target audience is- is it professionals initiated in your field or the average member of the public?

I can provide generic images for decoration, that is, imagery related to your business to create the style and feel of the website. However I'll need you to provide any images specific to your company or products you want to show to your visitors, like promotional images or pictures of your premises. On the other hand, if your business is in Cornwall and you're not very confident with your digital camera, I have in the past taken photos for clients (see Island View and Little Australia.)

If you want your website to fit in with an existing "corporate identity" (that is your logo, color scheme, business cards, letterheads etc.) I will need a copy of your logo and I would need to know what color scheme you need. If you don't have any of the above, I'll design a logo and colour scheme for the website myself.

It is much better to have the text and images in digital format (that is, by e-mailing the files to me), but if this is not possible you can send it to me on paper and I can type it up/scan the images (although this impacts quality). If you live in Cornwall then arrangements can be made to meet in person.

What about payment?

For larger projects I usually ask for a small amount up-front, then the rest when the site is completed and meets your approval. In all cases full payment is not due until you are satisfied with the end result! You can pay by paypal or by sending a cheque (or even by cash if you live locally and we can meet).