Paul Lewin

Paul Lewin screenshot


Paul Lewin needed a site so that people could view his work, and find out about upcoming exhibitions, and also so that people could contact him about his work.
Being an artist, getting the look of the site right was very important, so we sat down and Paul showed me some sites he liked, what he liked about them, and I was able to incorporate this into the design. As work and exhibitions would need to be added to the site regularly, we decided it would be best for Paul to be able to do this and other common tasks himself. Also, he had started a 'soundscape' project, where he recorded the ambient sound as he was painting, and he wanted this to be available on the website.
I developed a system for him using PHP and MySQL where he could upload a work by using a form, entering the name and browsing to the image on his computer to add it to the site. He could also add an exhibition by using a form, then add the works being shown in the exhibition. I decided to make use of scriptaculous to provide a drag-and-drop interface for adding works to an exhibition.
As it was important for the soundscapes to be able to see the painting while hearing the sound, I decided to use an embedded Windows Media Player plugin to play the soundscape (see the soundscape page), which will be accessible to most users on Windows using a modern browser.
As always the design has been acheived using web standards, and also passes WAI and section 508 accessibility verification.

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