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Censura is a commercial ratings and reviews application, where you can install it on your website, add products and have users review them. The existing product, version 1 used procedural code and was becoming difficult for the owners to maintain and add new features, so they decided to have version 2 completely rewritten using object-oriented code.
I was the lead developer on Censura version 2, and after over a year of programming, it was finally released in January 2008. Some of its features:

- Web-based administration.
- Unlimited number of product categories and subcategories, all managed hierarchically.
- Unlimited vendors, products, series and reviews
- Flexible rating systems, customisable per category
- Template-driven approach - all look & feel aspects of Censura are customizable
- Truly global - Censura is multilingual with full UTF-8 character support for non-latin character sets
- Member integration with popular discussion forums including vBulletin, phpBB, Invision Power Board and SMF - so existing community members won't need to sign up again

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