PHP Development

If you need a developer for your project I am available for programming work. Please check the FAQ for my latest hourly rate. I have worked on large PHP development projects before, making use of OOP techniques and MVC architecture.

Perhaps you are a web/graphic designer who finds themselves needing to deliver a content-management system or shopping cart to a client, without the technical experience to do so. Or maybe you have experience with HTML and have an idea for a dynamic project, but don't have the programming experience to bring it to life. I offer custom PHP programming and MySQL database design, so no matter how specific your needs I can create a solution.

What is a Dynamic site?

A dynamic site is one that will change on regular basis, and/or requires some level of interactivity with the user, for example a shopping cart, login system, or news section. The idea is that you will be able to log in and perform simple tasks to change your site (for example, in an online shop the ability to add/edit/remove products, upload pictures and manage orders, or in a news section of your site the ability to post an article) with only basic knowledge of using the internet required.

Here are some examples of what can be acheived with PHP and MySQL databases:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Content-management
  • Log-in system

How much?

Every project is different, so please contact me for a quote.