Simon Hildred Fine Minerals

Simon Hildred Fine Minerals screenshot


Simon Hildred wanted to start selling minerals online, so he asked me to make him an online shop.
It includes all the features of a standard shop (categories, shopping cart, search, admin section where administrator can add/edit/delete products/images/categories and manage orders.
It also includes a news section so he can keep his customers updated, and a dynamic link section so that he can add links to other sites.
For the first time I used pure-CSS drop-down menus on the navigation, and also inplemented a rather cool feature called "live search" on the search bar. When you start typing, a HTTP request is sent using javascript to tye search page, and the results are displayed there and then, as you type, rather than having to enter a word, submit and wait for the page to reload.
Of course, it is all accomplished using XHTML and CSS, and powered with PHP and MySQL Databases.

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