Astronomy for Beginners

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Astronomy For Beginners is a personal site that I produced, reflecting my interest in astronomy. Its quite a large site, with about 50 pages and hundreds of images. It uses PHP so that the top banner and navigation are always the same, enabling easy navigation of the site. It is currently averaging about 160 unique visitors a day, and is first or on the first page of search-engine rankings for many relevant search terms. Some features of the site:

  • Image uploads- people can upload their pictures by means of a form which are then displayed on the site automatically

  • Upcoming Events- events are taken from a database based on the date and location of the user.

  • Email form- Form that sends an email to the administrator with feedback

  • User submitted reviews and links- users can send in telescope reviews and links which are added to a database

  • News feeds- receives XML news feeds directly from the Hubble Space Telescope and an astronomy news site so that latest news is displayed as it happens.

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