Censura 2.0 Released

Censura 2.0 has now been released, and is available from http://censura.info. Censura is a commercial ratings and reviews application, for which I have been the lead developer on Censura version 2 for over a year, so I'm pleased to finally see the final product released!
Version 2 made notable improvements over version 1, most of all version 2 is written using PHP5 object-oriented code and MVC architecture. It also adds new features, such as unlimited categories or vendors per product, flexible and customisable ratings assignable on a per-product basis and unlimited images per product.
It can also integrate with many forum packages, and import products from Amazon's web service.
If you're interested in installing Censura on your site try the demo at http://censura.info.
Posted 09 Jan 2008 // Permalink